About Matt Laskowski, Illustrator & Background Layout / Designer

Matt is a professional illustrator from Boston, MA, now living and working in Los Angeles.

He studied at the Lesley University College of Art & Design in Boston, with a focus in 2D digital illustration for animation and sequential narrative.

His work is characterized by his deep understanding of perspective drawing, lighting, and architecture, enhanced with a touch of storytelling.

Outside of illustration, he works on his personal comic project called 'SYNTHESIS,' practicing photography while exploring, discussing story plots, and playing multiplayer games.

Known as 'fox-orian' across many online platforms, Matt has been contributing learning resources for 2D artists for over a decade.

Work experience

Matt has over 5 years of studio working experience at creative agencies Neoscape and Kilograph doing everything from 2D illustration, design, and storyboarding, to 3D modelling and rendering.

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Contact & Connect

• email: matt@plasticshards.studio




What is Plastic Shards?

'Plastic Shards' is the creative outlet of Matt Laskowski and his body of work. The name comes from the fact that being a digital artist means plastic and metal circuits are the real materials of the medium.

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